Roger Goodell isn't normally so much a main character during the NFL Draft as his appearances on stage to announce the picks are often a cue for attending fans to begin ferociously booing in a particular direction. But since that loud expression wasn't possible this season -- sponsored fan vitriol aside -- he's been able to perform his job as the event's master of ceremonies from his basement, and without interruption, turning him into someone the viewing audience is spending more time with.

The audience, of course, obliged with the extra attention and couldn't help but notice that Goodell went through a few wardrobe and set changes during the draft. He began with what we'll call his "all business" outfit, wearing what he normally chooses to wear on draft night.

But the standard attire didn't last for the entirety of the first round. Towards the end of the first evening, Goodell retired the jacket in place of a nice sweater that he wore until pick 32 was announced. We can call this his "business casual" period.

On the second day of the draft, Goodell kept with the sweater theme but had opted for an even more casual sweater: the quarter-zip, which kicked off his "Friday afternoon dad" phase. The reason for this title is not just for the initial change, but for how he progressed throughout the evening with that outfit. As the third round arrived, Goodell had made his way into a comfortable chair that one assumes no one else is allowed to sit on, and just continued to sink deeper and deeper into it.

Behold this transition in its final form.

Perhaps his wanton path of destruction through his jar of M&M's had something to do with his sluggish posture towards the end of Friday evening.

In a surprise display of on-camera stamina, Goodell did return to the broadcast on Day 3 of the draft. This time, he dove even further into his comfort zone, donning just a t-shirt and some khakis -- otherwise known as the "I've-put-in-my-two-weeks casual Friday."

Hopefully, this draft comes to an end before Goodell shows up without a shirt on.