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It's not often you see a quarterback hit with three separate fines from one game, but that's exactly what happened to Deshaun Watson this week. 

The Browns quarterback has been fined a total of $35,513 for his actions during Cleveland's 26-22 loss to the Steelers on Monday night. Watson was flagged twice in the game for grabbing the facemask of an opponent. The NFL ended up fining Watson $10,927 for EACH of those transgressions, which means those penalties cost the Browns quarterback a total of $21,854. 

Watson also got fined $13,659 for celebrating a third-quarter touchdown with a gun-themed celebration, which you can see below. 

Browns tight end David Njoku also took part in the celebration, and like Watson, he was also fined $13,659. 

The fines to Njoku and Watson were just a small portion of the total fines handed out from that game. Although Watson is losing out on more than $35,000 in fines, that's not even the highest amount a player from that game will be sending to the NFL this week. 

Steelers running back Jaylen Warren got fined $48,333 for illegally using his helmet. 

The huge fine means that Warren is going to get paid ZERO dollars for playing the game on Monday night. Warren is in the second season of a rookie deal is paying him a total of $870,000 this year and he makes $48,333 per game, which means the NFL will be taking his ENTIRE pay check from the game. 

Overall, there were a total of 10 fines handed out to eight different players from the Browns-Steelers game and those eight players were fined a total of $208,782.