NFL: OCT 01 International Series - Falcons vs Jaguars
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The NFL's international scheduling formula could soon be undergoing a dramatic change. 

The NFL owners are getting together this week in Texas and when that happens, they'll be voting on a measure that will add more international games to the schedule, according to the Sports Business Journal. If the measure passes, the league will almost be doubling the number of games being played abroad. 

For the past two years, there have been a total of five international games, but that number could soon jump to nine. If the NFL does add the extra four games to the schedule, that means that your favorite team will be headed abroad more often. 

Under the current international scheduling formula, every NFL team is required to "host" at least one international game every eight years. If the extra games are added, all teams will be required to host an international game at least once every four years. 

In each of the past two seasons, the NFL has held three games in London along with two games in Germany and those games have been a resounding success. If the new measure passes, the NFL likely wouldn't start playing nine international games per season until 2025, according to NBC Sports.  

Although the league likely won't be changing the number of international games for 2024, there's a very real chance that we could see a new locale added to the schedule. According to NBC Sports, the most likely scenario for next season is that the NFL will put three games in London, along with one game in Germany and then one game in either Spain (Barcelona or Madrid) or Brazil (Rio de Janiero or Sao Paolo). 

After that, the international schedule could move to nine games for 2025 and that would open the door for plenty of cities to host a game. For one, Mexico City is expected to return to the NFL lineup after taking several years off due to renovations being made at Estadio Azteca. The NFL is also eyeing the possibility of putting games in Paris and Berlin, along with the aforementioned Spanish and Brazilian cities. 

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell hinted last week that an international expansion was likely coming. 

"I am convinced that this game is going to be a global sport," Goodell said, via the AP. "We could've sold over our two games in Germany 4.5 million tickets. They sold out in minutes. And it's literally the same with the U.K. I think you're going to see a very global NFL, not necessarily with franchises, but maybe like have one playing games on a global basis."

With the league likely to play games in four or five different international cities in 2025, that will go along way toward making the NFL a global sport.