Jacksonville's loss to the Bills on Sunday couldn't have gone any worse for Leonard Fournette. Not only did he get ejected from the game for fighting, but he also got a drilled in the head by a rogue beer can as he was walking off the field in Buffalo. 

The incident took place in the third quarter after Fournette got into it with Bills defensive end Shaq Lawson. After a controversial play near the end zone, Fournette and Lawson started trading punches, which led to both players being ejected from the game. As he was walking off the field, Fournette started to taunt the fans in Buffalo, and that's when the beer got thrown. The can ended up hitting Fournette squarely on the helmet, which you can see below, if you scroll to the 32-second mark. 

Due to the fact that he was wearing a helmet, Fournette didn't seem to even notice that had been hit with a beer can, or he just decided not to react. I'm not a physics guy, but based on the sound the can made when it his helmet and the fact that it flew so effortlessly through the air likely means that it was at least half-full. 

Getting hit with the beer can wasn't even the worst part of the week for the Jaguars running back and that's because Fournette found out on Monday that he would have to serve a one-game suspension for his role in the fight with Lawson (watch the Jags take on the Colts on Sunday at 1 p.m. ET on CBS, stream on CBS All Access or fuboTV, try it for free).

As it turns out, Fournette actually felt bad about getting into a fight on national television, and we know that because he apologized to everyone this week

"Just want to apologize to the fans and kids out there was totally out of character was in the heat of the moment in a important game, emotions got the best of me apologize again to you all," Fournette wrote on Twitter. 

The suspension means that the Jags won't have Fournette on the field for this week's game against the Colts. The good news for Fournette is that the game is at home, which means he probably won't have to worry about anyone throwing a beer at him.