Here are the cleats Antonio Brown was wearing to start Sunday's matchup against the Jets:

The homage to Muhammad Ali lasted all of two series because, according to CBS Sports sideline reporter Evan Washburn, an on-site league official warned Brown that he wouldn't be allowed to return to the game until he wore uniform-conforming shoes. Brown changed his cleats without incident, though he seems to find himself on the wrong side of the law each week.

If this sounds familiar, it should; officials threatened to sit Brown at halftime if he didn't change his specialized cleats during the Week 3 game against the Eagles.

If it's not his footwear -- last Sunday night, Brown honored Arnold Palmer -- it's his hip-shakin' touchdown celebrations. Coach Mike Tomlin has asked for clarity from the league on what celebrations constitute a penalty but, in the meantime, as long as Brown remains one of the NFL's best pass catchers we're guessing he'll be allowed to continue to skirt the rules.