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The NFL will continue its accelerator program — built to enhance the diverse hiring pipeline in the league — this week at the December owners meeting in Dallas.

As first reported by CBS Sports in November, the league is building off the inaugural program from May by having 32 diverse general manager candidates from 28 teams and the league office come to the meetings to take part in leadership development sessions and spend face-to-face time with NFL team owners and decision-makers.

The meeting takes place across Tuesday and Wednesday. On Tuesday, the league will hold its labor seminar where, among other topics, the salary cap for 2023 will be discussed. Accelerator participants will shadow some of those meetings in the afternoon and then meet with NFL ownership and executives in the evening at an informal reception.

The next day, participants will sit in on an hour of the owners meetings like they did in Atlanta meetings in May. They'll also hear from keynote speaker Don Thompson, a Black business executive who served as CEO of McDonald's from 2012 to 2015. Lowe's CEO Marvin Ellison spoke to the group in May.

Participants will also meet with a consultant from Russell Reynolds, one of the top executive search firms in the country. They'll take part in one-on-one mock interviews over two days with various consultants to hone their interviewing skills.

The 31 club participants are: Quentin Harris (Cardinals), Adrian Wilson (Cardinals), Anthony Robinson (Falcons), Malik Boyd (Bills), Terrance Gray (Bills), Samir Suleiman (Panthers), Ian Cunningham (Bears), Trey Brown (Bengals), Catherine Raîche (Browns), Glenn Cook (Browns), Kelly Kleine (Broncos), Ray Agnew (Lions), Richmond Williams (Packers), Mozique McCurtis (Texans), Morocco Brown (Colts), Tim Terry (Chiefs), Dwyane Joseph (Raiders), JoJo Wooden (Chargers), Ray Farmer (Rams), Marvin Allen (Dolphins), Chris Blanco (Vikings), Steve Cargile (Patriots), Khai Harley (Saints), Brandon Brown (Giants), Chad Alexander (Jets), Jeffrey Scott (Eagles), Sheldon White (Steelers), Ran Carthon (49ers), Jacqueline Davidson (Buccaneers), Brian Gardner (Titans) and Eric Stokes (Commanders). Kevin Booth, the director of the league's management council, will also participate.