If offense doesn't win in the playoffs, like some wrongfully think, one thing we know from the early part of this season is that it certainly does win in the regular season.

Two of the top four scoring teams in the league are the two best teams right now. The Kansas City Chiefs lead the in NFL scoring after three weeks, while the Los Angeles Rams are fourth overall.

Both teams are coached by brilliant offensive minds and each has two young passers in Jared Goff (Rams) and Patrick Mahomes (Chiefs) who are lighting it up.

Both teams are in the top five in passing yards per play, which is why they are exciting to watch and are so successful. Goff, in his third season, has made big strides running the Rams offense, while Mahomes has been sensational in his first year as a full-time starter.

Mahomes has 13 touchdown passes in three games, the most of any quarterback in a three-game span to open a season in NFL history. Goff is coming off a game with 29 completions, the most of his career, and he has six touchdown passes.

They are a big part of why the Rams and the Chiefs are ranked No. 1 and No. 2 in my Power Rankings this week.

The Rams are better on defense, which is why they are in the top spot. The Chiefs need to tighten up on that side of the ball or Mahomes might need to throw 60 touchdown passes this season.

It sure makes for a fun brand of football to watch. You have two gunslinger quarterbacks who play for two coaches who aren't afraid to let them rip it. The NFL is a passing league for sure, and these two teams are proof that's the way to win with the way the game is now played.

Biggest Movers
15 Titans
14 Broncos
1 Rams The Rams defense is 27th against the run and 29th in sacks per play. That has to be concerning going forward, starting Thursday against the Vikings. 1 10-7-0
2 Chiefs How long can the offense bail out a so-so defense? One good thing from Sunday was the pressure the front got against San Francisco. 1 11-6-0
3 Eagles They got Carson Wentz back and he was good enough to win his first start. Now with the rust off, can he build on it? 7 11-6-0
4 Dolphins They head to New England this week in first place with a chance to take a strong command of the division. Adam Gase has done a heck of a job. 8 11-6-0
5 Titans At 2-1, they've won two games with little offense and issues on that side of the ball due to health reasons. They should be happy. 15 6-11-0
6 Jaguars There is no excuse for losing a game at home to the Titans, who were short-handed. They have to learn how to handle success. 5 9-8-0
7 Commanders They bounced back from a tough home loss to play a nice game against the Packers. They head to the bye feeling good about their 2-1 start. 12 4-13-0
8 Saints They have major defensive issues that need to be fixed, but that offense can score on anybody. 7 9-8-0
9 Panthers That was an impressive victory against the Bengals. They head to the bye at 2-1 and have to be feeling pretty good. 4 2-15-0
10 Steelers They seemed to right things on Monday against the Bucs. The defense played a little better, but it's still leaky. 7 10-7-0
11 Bengals They suffered their first loss to Carolina on the road, but now face another stiff road test at Atlanta. That won't be easy. 3 9-8-0
12 Ravens At 2-1, they head to a big division game against the Steelers in Pittsburgh. The offense has come to life this season. 2 13-4-0
13 Buccaneers That defense was horrible against the Steelers. And the Ryan Fitzpatrick story is done now. 4 9-8-0
14 Packers They are 1-1-1 and they haven't looked good yet. They have to pick it up. 10 9-8-0
15 Vikings What the heck happened against the Bills? They must have been caught looking ahead to Thursday's game with the Rams. 10 7-10-0
16 Bears They are leading the division after three weeks and easily could be undefeated. That defense is legit. 8 7-10-0
17 Lions That was an impressive defensive showing against the Patriots. Can they duplicate it against a struggling Cowboys team this week? 13 12-5-0
18 Patriots It's way too early to bury this team. Haven't we learned that lesson already? 11 4-13-0
19 Falcons The defensive injuries will impact this team the rest of the way. Expect a lot more shootouts. 8 7-10-0
20 Broncos They looked bad against the Ravens and now must try and slow down Patrick Mahomes. Good luck. 14 8-9-0
21 Chargers They have had issues on defense, which has to change. They get a break this week playing backup C.J. Beathard for the 49ers. 5 5-12-0
22 Seahawks They looked like the Seahawks of old against the Cowboys. Can they keep it up? 5 9-8-0
23 Cowboys It wasn't pretty against the Seahawks. They have to get more from Dak Prescott. 2 12-5-0
24 Giants Eli Manning seemed to find something against the Texans and the Saints have had problems on defense. Maybe it stays that way. 5 6-11-0
25 Colts Andrew Luck doesn't look right. He's just not driving the ball. The defense is carrying this team now. 7 9-8-0
26 Browns It's Baker Mayfield time now in Cleveland. But it won't be an easy first start on the road. 5 11-6-0
27 Bills Give them a ton of credit for an impressive road victory at Minnesota. They have their quarterback in Josh Allen. 5 11-6-0
28 Jets They need to do more on offense. Sam Darnold doesn't drive the ball down the field. 5 7-10-0
29 49ers Their season is over with the loss of Jimmy Garoppolo. They have to look ahead to building for 2019. 7 12-5-0
30 Raiders It's not a good start for Jon Gruden in his return to coaching. Nobody said it would be easy. 4 8-9-0
31 Cardinals It's Josh Rosen's team now, and it should be. They are another team playing for the future now. 3 4-13-0
32 Texans They have major issues on their offensive line and the defense has been really bad. This team looked like a playoff team, but is now all the way down here at the bottom. 7 10-7-0