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Four weeks into the NFL season, we've had a coach fired, we've had a game postponed and one moved to Monday night because of COVID-19. We've had tons of offense, little defense, and the two teams that share a stadium in New Jersey have a combined 0-8 record.

This is not a good time to be a football fan in the New York-New Jersey metro area, and with two young quarterbacks  — two former high first-round picks — leading those teams, can they really be tanking for Trevor?

Clemson's Trevor Lawrence is a generational talent, a lock to be the first overall pick in next year's draft, but the early woes of the New York Jets and New York Giants make you wonder if they would give up on their quarterbacks if given the chance to take him.

That's a question for a later day, but for now the Jets and Giants are winless. At least the Giants are competing some. The Jets are a disaster, with the worst roster in the NFL and a coach in Adam Gase who is constantly being questioned and the odds are he might not make it through the season.

The Chiefs and Packers won again and there's a lot to go over. John Breech, Ryan Wilson and host Will Brinson break down the two Monday games on the Pick Six Podcast; listen below and be sure to subscribe for daily NFL goodness.

The Giants are 31st in my Power Rankings this week, while the Jets are easily the bottom team. It's hard to argue against either being in any spot other than where they are now.

If they stay winless, Tanking for Trevor might be the talk in New York, which means the next 12 games are enormous for Jets quarterback Sam Darnold and Giants quarterback Daniel Jones

They might even win one or two.

Biggest Movers
8 Browns
5 Patriots
1 Chiefs They showed against the Patriots that they could win games even when they don't play as well on offense. Then again, they were facing a backup quarterback for New England. -- 11-6-0
2 Packers That offense is playing at an elite level. Aaron Rodgers is clearly in the MVP race. -- 9-8-0
3 Steelers They got a week off because of the postponement due to COVID-19, so they essentially had an early bye that included practice. Will that help or hurt? -- 10-7-0
4 Bills Winning on the road the way they did at Las Vegas shows how good they are this season. Now they face another tough road test at Tennessee against the undefeated Titans. -- 11-6-0
5 Seahawks The offensive wasn't as explosive against Miami, but they still scored over 30 points. They are 4-0, but do we know how good they are as a team? -- 9-8-0
6 Ravens They bounced back in nice fashion against Washington, but it wasn't exactly a big-time test. Even so, you have to win those types of games and move on. -- 13-4-0
7 Titans The COVID-19 situation led to a bye week, so now it will be interesting to see how they respond to it. Mike Vrabel is the type of coach who can handle it, but Buffalo is a big challenge this week. -- 6-11-0
8 Buccaneers Tom Brady had a big game against the Chargers, but the defense showed some cracks. When will they play a full game on both sides of the ball? 1 9-8-0
9 Colts They haven't exactly played a lot of top offenses, but the defense has really improved. They will be tested more this week against the Browns. 6 9-8-0
10 Browns Kevin Stefanski has this team at 3-1. That's something for a team known for its losing in recent years. The running game is keying the offense, but now it has to do so without Nick Chubb for six weeks. 8 11-6-0
11 Rams It wasn't a dominating showing against the Giants, but they found a way. At 3-1, they are keeping pace with Seattle. 1 10-7-0
12 Saints That might have been a season-saving victory on the road against the Lions. The offense came to life in a big way. 4 9-8-0
13 Patriots They went to Kansas City and competed without Cam Newton. That's a tribute to Bill Belichick's coaching ability. 5 4-13-0
14 Bears So much for the idea Nick Foles would liven up the offense. Maybe he should just come off the bench after one play each week. 4 7-10-0
15 Panthers They are one of the early surprises of the season. At 2-2, Matt Rhule has this team playing good football with two straight victories. 7 2-15-0
16 Cardinals That was not a good look on the road at Carolina. Two straight losses has changed their outlook in a hurry. But now they get the Jets. 5 4-13-0
17 Raiders Two consecutive losses has them reeling a bit. The defense has regressed the past two weeks. Injuries have slowed the offense. 4 8-9-0
18 Eagles They are in first place. Can you believe it? They've been a disaster for most of this season, but winning at San Francisco was impressive for this beat-up team. 6 11-6-0
19 49ers The injuries have been too much for this team so far. Even so, you shouldn't lose a game to an undermanned Eagles team at home. 5 12-5-0
20 Cowboys The defense is putrid. They can't stop anybody. That puts way too much pressure on Dak Prescott and the offense. Jerry Jones can't be happy. 3 12-5-0
21 Chargers They have a tough decision: Stay with Justin Herbert or go back to Tyrod Taylor. I would play the kid. 2 5-12-0
22 Lions The defense isn't close to being good enough. The Matt Patricia watch is back on after the home loss to the Saints. 2 12-5-0
23 Vikings They got their first victory over the season to save it, but now have to go out on the road again to play the Seahawks. That won't be easy. 6 7-10-0
24 Bengals They are now 1-2-1 and finally got Joe Mixon going against the Jaguars. It will be fun watching Joe Burrow against that Ravens defense this week. 2 9-8-0
25 Texans They fired coach Bill O'Brien for a reason. He wasn't getting it done. At 0-4, they are likely done. 4 10-7-0
26 Dolphins When do they turn to Tua Tagovailoa at quarterback? It has to be coming soon, right? It should be. 3 11-6-0
27 Falcons They are 0-4 and the defense is a mess. Dan Quinn could be in trouble if they lose to the Panthers this week. 2 7-10-0
28 Broncos They found a way to win a game on the road, which is the good news. The bad news is they didn't look good doing so. -- 8-9-0
29 Jaguars The defense is awful, which is going to be a season-long issue. Is it time to start thinking about next season - as usual? They do have a winnable game this week at Houston. 2 9-8-0
30 Commanders It's going to be a long season. They just don't have the players to win games. At least Dwayne Haskins played a little better against the Ravens. -- 4-13-0
31 Giants The defense showed up against the Rams, but they don't score enough. When does the first victory happen? -- 6-11-0
32 Jets They might not win a game. It's that bad. Will Adam Gase make it through the season? -- 7-10-0