Hopefully you like Odell Beckham rumors. Because if you don't, you might want to focus on another sport for the next 30 days. The NFL Draft is a month away and all eyes are on the New York Giants and their controversial, underpaid wide receiver and how Beckham will be handled by New York's front office.

Dave Gettleman has said "you don't quit on talent" but the Giants made it clear they are willing to listen to offers, with the understanding they might need multiple first-round picks and someone willing to actually pay Beckham. Fortunately for New York, the Rams, who have absolutely not ruled out any trade to improve the roster, are a willing suitor. They are also the team who makes the most sense for Beckham.

And it sounds as if Beckham would be willing to play ball with Los Angeles. According to Gary Meyers of the New York Daily News, Beckham has told multiple Rams players he "wants in" on a trade to L.A.

From Meyers:

Does Beckham want to play for the Rams? One source told me Beckham has told a couple of Rams players he wants in. He does love New York, so his feeling for the Rams could quite possibly be only if the Giants trade him. The Rams are going to want to get him signed to a long-term extension to avoid playing the franchise tag game with him in 2019 and 2020 after he plays for the $8.4 million fifth-year option.

Why wouldn't he? Beckham could leave the microscope of the Big Apple for a similar market in Los Angeles that doesn't actually feature a horde of media members looking to crucify a quirky wide receiver for every little thing he does. Beckham marrying a kicking net was front/back page in New York; it might be a blip on the radar in Los Angeles. 

The Rams have an extremely offense-friendly mind in Sean McVay, with a franchise-caliber quarterback in Jared Goff and a ton of talent on that side of the ball. They could easily be the top offense in the NFL with the addition of Beckham. 

Hardly anyone sees the Rams as anything other than the favorites to win the division after an offseason of adding Marcus Peters, Aqib Talib and Ndamukong Suh to Wade Phillips' already stout defense. There's a much more likely chance of seeing the Rams in the playoffs than the Giants given their respective neighborhoods.

So, yeah, Beckham should "want in" on Los Angeles. Ultimately it may fall on him to take less money than the $20 million per year he reportedly wants, ironic since that's what started the talk of him getting shipped out of New York in the first place.