The first week of the NFL season was a rough one for Odell Beckham. Not only did his team get blown out 43-13, but apparently, the new Browns wide receiver also violated an NFL rule by wearing something on Sunday that he wasn't supposed to wear. 

According to, Beckham's decision to wear a watch went against league rules, which prohibit hard objects from being worn on the field. The good news for Beckham is that it doesn't sound like he's going to face any punishment and that's because the league's plan is to talk to him to make sure that he doesn't break the rule again. 

Of course, that's only part of this story. The other part of this story is the fact that Beckham was wearing a watch that's worth more than your car and might even be worth more than your house. According to the Action Network, the exact model of Beckham's watch was a Richard Mille 011 Orange Storm, which sold for $160,000 when it was first produced in 2014. However, the current retail value of the watch is $340,000, and that's because there were only 30 pieces created during its production.  

Basically, not only did Beckham violate an NFL rule, but he wore a $340,000 piece of jewelry during a game where it could have easily been smashed. That's like taking your Ferrari to a monster truck rally and asking to participate. 

If you're wondering what the watch looked like, here are a few looks at it. 

Although the watch looks nice, the truth is that unless it can help you time travel, $340,000 is probably too much to spend on a watch. 

Anyway, Beckham ended his Browns debut on Sunday with seven catches for 71 yards. Although it was his first game in Cleveland, he got to experience something that's been going on there for ages there: Fans leaving early because their team is getting blown out. 

"That stadium was ready for us. For those fans, we don't want to see them leaving with nine minutes left," Beckham said, via "We want to be able to stay there and fight through it. I know there's been losing around here but that's not what we're here to do. So we've just got to have everybody stick with us -- the fans as well. And this team has to come together. and we've just got to play better."

If the Browns don't come together soon, the season could turn into a disaster. Beckham and the Browns will have a chance to get their record up to 1-1 in Week 2 when they travel to New York to play the Jets in a Monday night showdown.