The extra point as we know it could be coming to an end.

When the NFL Spring Meeting kicks off in San Francisco next week (May 18-20), the league's 32 owners will be presented with three proposals on how to make the extra point better.

If 24 out of the NFL's 32 owners vote to pass any of the three proposals, then that proposal will become rule. 

So what could the changes look like? 

Here's the three proposals that will be voted on. 

1. The Patriots have submitted a proposal that would call for the ball to be snapped from the 15-yard line if a team decides to go for one and kick the extra point. That would make the kick about a 33-yard attempt.

If a team decided it wanted to go for two-points, the ball would be snapped from the two-yard line. 

2. The Eagles have submitted a proposal that's similar to New England's in that an extra point kick would be attempted from the 15-yard line. However, the big difference with the Eagles proposal is that the defense would be able to score.

If the offense went for two, the defense would be able to return a fumble or interception for two points. Under the Eagles proposal, any team going for two would snap the ball from the one-yard line as opposed to the two-yard line in the Patriots plan.

You know Chip Kelly already has 12 two-point conversion plays drawn up for Tim Tebow

If the defense blocks an extra point, they could also return that for two. 

3. The final proposal comes from the competition committee. The committee's plan is exactly like the Eagles plan, except with one big difference: If the offense goes for two, the ball would be snapped from the two-yard line, instead of the one. 

The defense could also score two points under the committee's plan.

One minor difference in the committee's plan is that if either team records a safety, that team would be awarded one point. So if the defense recovered a fumble at the one, then ran backward into the end zone and was tackled, the offense would get one point. Under the Eagles plan, the offense would get two points in that situation. 

If the NFL's 32 owners can come to a consensus and any of these plans receive 24 votes, then the proposal will become a rule. 

Personally, I'm still a fan of the person scoring the touchdown kicking their own extra point, but no one proposed that, so I guess I can officially give up on that dream. 

Is the extra point going to change? (USATSI)
Is the extra point going to change? (USATSI)