There was plenty of drama on the field during the Ravens' wild win over the Chiefs on "Sunday Night Football." And as it turns out, there was also some drama off the field involving Patrick Mahomes' brother following the game. 

After Baltimore's 36-35 win, several Ravens fans decided they were going to heckle Jackson Mahomes, and he didn't take too kindly to what they were saying. In the video below, Jackson gets so frustrated that he eventually pulls out a bottled water, takes the cap off and then proceeds to dump it on the Ravens fans in front of him. 

The Ravens fans were clearly not bothered by what Jackson did, and that's probably because it was exactly the kind of reaction they were looking for. 

After dumping the water out, Jackson immediately turned around and left. Although the hat makes it a little difficult to definitely tell who it is in the video, we definitely know it's Jackson because he responded to the video on Twitter. 

Jackson's water-pouring incident came just a few minutes after the Ravens made an improbable comeback to beat the Chiefs. Going into the fourth quarter, the Chiefs were ahead 35-24 before letting that lead melt away over the final 15 minutes of the game. 

The loss to the Ravens was the first time in his career that Patrick Mahomes lost in the month of September, so maybe Jackson was experiencing some new emotions since he's never had to deal with that. 

Although Jackson Mahomes isn't an NFL star, he does have a pretty big following on social media. The 21-year-old has made a name for himself with a TikTok account that has nearly one million followers. He also has 255,000 followers on Instagram and nearly 30,000 followers on Twitter. Basically, Jackson is used to going viral, but not in someone else's video.