Bill Belichick now has five Lombardi Trophies and Tom Brady is the proud owner of four Super Bowl MVPs. The latest additions to the trophy case came Sunday night in an impossible comeback over the Falcons in Super Bowl LI. The Patriots overcame a 25-point deficit midway through the third quarter to pull out the 34-28 win in overtime, and in the process set or tied enough records to all but confirm this was the greatest Super Bowl in NFL history.

By our count, 24 records were set and another seven record were tied.

Super Bowl records set

  • Most games: 7, Tom Brady
  • Most games, head coach: 7, Bill Belichick
  • Most games won, head coach 5, Belichick
  • Most points, game: 20, James White
  • Most passes, career: 309, Brady
  • Most passes, game: 62, Brady
  • Most completions, career: 207, Brady
  • Most completions, game: 43, Brady
  • Most passing yards, career: 2,071, Brady
  • Most passing yards, game: 466, Brady
  • Most touchdown passes, career: 15, Brady
  • Most receptions, game: 14, James White
  • Most games, team: 9, New England Patriots
  • Largest deficit overcome, winning team: 25 points, New England
  • Most points, overtime period, team: 6, New England
  • Most first downs, game, team: 37, New England
  • Most first downs, game, both teams: 54, New England vs. Atlanta Falcons
  • Most first downs passing, game, team: 26, New England
  • Most first downs passing, game, both teams: 39, New England vs. Atlanta
  • Most offensive plays, game, team: 93, New England
  • Most passes, game, team: 63, New England
  • Most completions, game, team: 43, New England
  • Most passing yards, game, team: 422, New England
  • Most passing yards, game, both teams, 682, New England vs. Atlanta

Super Bowl records tied

  • Most games won: 5, Brady
  • Most touchdowns, game: 3, White
  • Most two-point conversions, game: 1, James White; Danny Amendola
  • Most sacks, game (since 1982): 3, Grady Jarrett
  • Most two-point conversions, game, team: 2, New England
  • Most two-point conversions, game, both teams: 2, New England vs. Atlanta
  • Most first downs by penalty, game, team: 4, New England

Other, less-conventional records that didn't make the list above but are still very much records in our mind: Brady threw his first-ever Super Bowl pick-six -- and it didn't even matter:

Patriots owner Robert Kraft also gave his first ever post-Deflategate -- and we're reading between the lines here -- WE JUST WON THE SUPER BOWL DESPITE YOUR SILLY PUNISHMENTS, ROGER GOODELL victory speech with the commissioner standing a few feet away.

Here's what Kraft actually said: