The Jacksonville Jaguars were one Myles Jack Wasn't Down play away from taking down the Patriots in New England and going to the Super Bowl last year. But the team clearly believes even better things are in store for it in 2018, with Malik Jackson proclaiming the team could go 16-0 in this coming season.

While that's an unlikely outcome, CBS Sports Pete Prisco doesn't think it's so crazy, and told me on the Pick Six Podcast (our daily NFL joint, subscribe here: via iTunes | via Stitcher | via TuneIn | via Google Play) he thinks they can "come close" to an undefeated season.

"They're not going 16-0. But they're going to come close," Prisco said, before breaking down the Jags schedule.

He doesn't see them losing in the Week 1 Tom Coughlin Revenge Bowl against the Giants, even with the Patriots looming in Week 2.

"Week 2. That's their Super Bowl," Prisco pointed out. "They will beat the Patriots that day."

He also believes the Jaguars will end up being one of the top teams in the NFL because they are "significantly" better than they were last season. 

Things we also discuss:

1. Darrelle Revis retiring and where he ranks against Champ Bailey and Richard Sherman

2. Brandin Cooks' extension and what it means for Aaron Donald

3. Steve Keim's suspension from the Cardinals

4. Le'Veon Bell's status, whether he'll hold out and how much he could get in free agency

5. Terrell Owens' HOF situation

6. The Jaguars' place in the AFC and whether the Titans or Texans are the second-best team in the AFC South

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