The San Francisco 49ers are thrilled about acquiring Trent WilliamsLos Angeles Rams head coach Sean McVay is not. With Joe Staley's retirement, the Niners had big shoes to fill in the left tackle position, and did so by way of a trade with the Washington Redskins. Staley reportedly told the 49ers of his plans to retire to give the organization time to find a worthy replacement.

The Rams head coach is known for keeping tabs on everyone, being able to list out starting defenses of any team in the league without notes and breakdown plays years later, but he keeps a particularly close eye on those in his division.

With the 49ers being in the NFC West with the Rams, LA will have to see William twice a year. When asked by a reporter what his thoughts on the Williams trade were, McVay had a funny and honest answer:

"Thanks for reminding me. I need to go drink a couple of more beers."

Williams' resume speaks for itself and McVay knows just how much of a threat he can be on an opposing offense.

Last season, the NFC West fight was tight, and the Rams, who made a Super Bowl appearance in 2018, missed the playoffs completely, while division foes San Francisco and the Seattle Seahawks extended their season. The young coach is hoping history does not repeat itself and Los Angeles is the team in the division making a playoff run next season, but they will have a new veteran to prepare for in 31-year-old Williams.

Last year, Williams did not play due to the removal of a cancerous growth on his skull and a long battle with the Redskins over a medical dispute. Williams demanded a trade from Washington, and eventually got what he wanted.