This Bud does not tell a happy story. (Bud vis DC Sports Bog)
This Bud does not tell a happy story. (Bud vis via DC Sports Bog)

It's been a rough week to be a Redskins fan. First, the team was lampooned on South Park. Then, the Daily Show took a shot at the team and its fans. Then, the Redskins got embarrassed on national television by the Giants

It was ugly all around. 

It got even uglier if you were a Redskins fan at Thursday's game planning to drown your sorrows in an ice cold Budweiser because THE REDSKINS WERE SELLING YOU EXPIRED BEER. 

It all started when a Redskins fan tweeted out a picture of his World Cup beer. 

Dan Steinberg of the Washington Post's DC Sports Bog then asked the fan to tweet a picture of the beer's born-on-date -- because, you know, the World Cup was awhile ago. The fan complied. 

The next step of this investigation involved putting the born-on-date into Budweiser's track-your-Bud website. The photo at the top of the page is what you get when you do that -- the beer, is in fact, expired. So apparently, Dan Westmoreland is going to buy this fan a free beer. 

Although the fan told the Washington Post that the beer tasted fine, Budweiser is not taking this lightly (I was going to say Bud Lite-ly, but I didn't want to put you guys through a pun that lame). 

The company released a statement to the Post that said the following:

We work closely with our 600-plus wholesaler network to ensure beer is handled and distributed to our product quality standards. Our wholesalers adhere to strict inventory and product rotation guidelines, using temperature-controlled warehouses and a first-in, first-out, inventory system at retail.

We are working closely with the wholesaler and retailer regarding this instance.