If there's one thing we learned about Peyton Manning during his 18-year NFL career, it's that he was a perfectionist in every sense of the word. 

Not only did Manning watch hours and hours of film each week before facing an opposing defense, but he also expected his teammates to be perfect. For the long-time Colts and Broncos quarterback, that meant keeping receivers after practice to make sure everyone was on the same page with their routes and timing. 

Apparently during Manning's time in Indianapolis, things got especially crazy on Fridays during the regular season. According to former Colts receiver Reggie Wayne, the goal during a Friday practice was to be perfect, and to make that happen, sometimes things got a little "nuts."

During a recent interview with the NFL Network, Wayne described what it was like to work with Manning on that particular day of the week. 

"Take for example, on Fridays. It was called 'Perfect Fridays,'" Wayne said. "He would come out and he would kind of run the show for the beginning of Friday's practice, and we went out there and he had his cue cards and he went through all the plays that he wanted to run, and, I mean, it was nuts, the way he was prepared [on Fridays]."

The receivers knew that Manning was all about perfection, which is why they almost never made a mistake while working with him.  

"We went about seven years before anybody ever dropped a ball [during a 'Perfect Friday' practice]," Wayne said. 

Seven years. That's almost as crazy as Manning's work ethic. 

Wayne also added that Manning was easily the most meticulous planner that he's ever met. 

"There's no one in this world that I know that prepares harder or better than Peyton Manning," Wayne said. "I truly believe each day he has that he wakes up out of bed and [his day] is already game-planned. 'I'm going to wake up at seven in the morning. At 7:03, I'm going to brush my teeth. At 7:05, I'm going to put my shoes on.' Every day is planned."

Manning has the second most wins by any quarterback in NFL history -- behind Tom Brady -- and we can probably safely assume that all that preparation was a big reason why he was so successful during his career. 

"There's nothing when it comes to game, and game film, that he's not prepared for," Wayne said. "This guy, he knows what the defense is going to do before they actually do it."

Manning's insistence on perfection might be why he turned down Adam Gase's offer to sign with Miami in December 2016. With Manning's demanding style, it would have been almost impossible for him to show up that late in the season and mesh with Dolphins' offense. 

As for Wayne, you can see his entire interview below.