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A fake field goal was doubly negative for the Pittsburgh Steelers during Sunday's game against the rival Cleveland Browns. Near the end of the first half, Pittsburgh went for a fake that called for kicker Chris Boswell to play quarterback. 

Boswell rolled to his right before getting drilled by Browns defensive lineman Jordan Elliott just after he released his pass that fell incomplete in the end zone. Boswell received medical treatment on Pittsburgh's sideline before entering the locker room before intermission. The Steelers ruled Boswell as out for the game. Steelers rookie punter Pressley Harvin III took practice field goal kicks during halftime. 

Boswell is a player the Steelers cannot afford to lose. One of the team's most valuable players since 2015, Boswell has made 92.3 percent of his field goal attempts this season. The Steelers don't have another kicker on their roster, something that will undoubtably alter the team's plans in the event that Boswell cannot return to Sunday's game. 

Boswell scored the Steelers' only points of the first half on a 31-yard field goal.