One of the biggest downsides of attending an NFL game is that you basically need to take out a small loan if you plan on purchasing any food or drinks at the stadium. 

At most NFL venues, concession prices are sky-high. However, that's not the case in Atlanta. The Falcons had the lowest concession prices in the NFL in 2017, and starting this year, they're actually going to get even lower. 

The team announced on Friday that it will be cutting an average of 12 percent off the price of its most popular concession items. 

That Bud Burger that cost you nine dollars last year? It's only going to cost you eight dollars in 2018. 

In total, there were six food items that fell in price by one dollar each. 

The Falcons decided to lower prices because that's what owner Arthur Blank wanted to see, according to AMB Group CEO, Steve Cannon (The AMB Group is the parent company of the Falcons).   

"We've listened to our fans from the beginning and these new prices are a result of that feedback," Cannon said, via the team's official website. "Arthur is going to keep challenging us to go lower and we're going to keep listening to the fans, so this is probably not the last one."

If, for some reason, an eight dollar bratwurst still sounds expensive, then you can just buy something off the team's basic menu, which remains unchanged from 2017. 

The prices on that menu include a two dollar hot dog and a three dollar pizza slice. 

The best part of the menu isn't the food prices though, it's the beer prices.

After selling 12-ounce domestic beers for just five dollars last season, the team is now going to include a five-dollar craft beer for 2018. The Falcons will also be selling a 20-ounce craft beer for just seven dollars. Basically, for just $20, Falcons fans will be able to drown away all their sorrows if the team does something disastrous, like blow a 28-3 lead in the Super Bowl. It's probably a good thing beer sales are cut off at the end of the third quarter. 

Speaking of the Super Bowl, the Falcons have promised that their insanely low concession prices will be in effect when Mercedes-Benz Stadium hosts Super Bowl LIII in February, and since the game is on CBS, I'll probably have to taste test at least one of those five-dollar beers. I mean, five dollars for a beer seems like a way better deal than the $35 the NFL was charging for a cocktail at Super Bowl LII.