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The Buccaneers' 9-0 loss to the Saints on Sunday was an ugly one for Tom Brady and that's because it marked the first time in 15 years that he's been shut out in a game. It also marked the first time ever that he's been blanked at home. 

Over the course of the game, Brady seemed to grow more and more frustrated with the fact that he couldn't move the ball on the Saints defense. Not only did he seem to yell a few curse words at the Saints sideline, but he also took out some of his anger on a poor, innocent sideline tablet. 

At one point during the game, Brady was so fed up that he took the sideline tablet and made what made have been his most notable throw of the night: He angrily chucked his Microsoft Surface against an equipment box.  

Someone who took note of this angry throw was Saints safety C.J. Gardner-Johnson, who had a hilarious message for Brady on Monday. 

After watching Brady slam his tablet to the ground, Gardner-Johnson took to Twitter and asked Microsoft to get the QB a new one for Christmas. 

This is truly some high-level trolling and the best part is that Microsoft actually responded. 

By the way, Gardner-Johnson isn't just a keyboard warrior who talks trash on Twitter, the Saints safety also got in Brady's face a few times during the game. 

As for Brady, he might have been upset about the loss, but he definitely had a sense of humor about things less than 24 hours later. During his podcast on Monday night, Brady joked that the Saints need to change their name after winning Sunday's game. 

"Yeah, they're called the 'Saints.' I don't think they're very saintly," Brady said, via the New Orleans Times-Picayune. "A Saint would have probably let us score once or twice yesterday. So gotta re-think that nickname."

Since Brady signed with the Buccaneers before the 2020 season, the Saints have been the one team that's been a thorn in his side. During his time in Tampa, Brady is 0-4 against the Saints during the regular season, but 21-5 against everyone else. 

The crazy part here is that Brady could end up facing the Saints again in the playoffs. If the Saints can earn the seven-seed, they would play at Tampa Bay if the Buccaneers end the season as the two-seed. Of course, playing the Saints again might not actually bother Brady and that's because his only win against them over the past two years came in the playoffs.