It's not often that Tom Brady totally forgets one of the main rules of football, but that appears to be what happened on Monday night in Tampa. 

With just over 12 minutes left to play in the fourth quarter, the Buccaneers were facing a third-and-10. On the play, Brady lined up in shotgun formation and after taking the snap, he tried to quickly throw the ball to Mike Evans, but the ball never made it to Evans because it got batted down at the line of scrimmage. 

The twist here is that the ball actually got batted straight back to Brady, WHO TRIED TO THROW THE BALL AGAIN. As soon as Brady caught the batted pass, he put it back in his right hand and threw it to Evans again. This time, the pass made it to the Buccaneers receiver for an 8-yard gain, only the 8-yard gain didn't count because you're not allowed to throw two forward passes on one play. 

Let's watch the whole thing unfold. 

Since the second throw was illegal, the Buccaneers were penalized for throwing an illegal forward pass. However, the Rams decided to decline the penalty, which apparently created some confusion for the official scorekeeper. At first, the play went in the books as a completion from Brady to Brady for a 9-yard loss. 

However, the official scorebook was later modified and the pass is now being counted as an 8-yard reception for Evans since the Rams declined the penalty. 

This play was kind of crazy.

The Buccaneers ended up punting on fourth down. 

As for Brady, there must be something about night games that messes with his mind, because this is the second time we've seen him involved in a weird play in primetime. Back in Week 5, Brady appeared to forget what down it was -- ON FOURTH DOWN -- against the Bears and the mistake proved to be costly, because Tampa Bay ended up losing 20-19. 

As for everyone else, if you have Brady or Evans on your fantasy team, you're going to want to make sure to see if the score from this play gets modified between now and Tuesday morning, especially if you're in a close game. 

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