Over the course of his 21-year career, Tom Brady has been a part of some of the most memorable moments in NFL history. There have been so many big moments in his career that it's almost impossible to list them all off. 

From his first Super Bowl win -- an upset victory over a Rams team that was favored by two touchdowns -- to his 28-3 comeback over the Falcons in Super Bowl LI, Brady has played a key role in some of the most iconic moments the league has ever seen. 

Since Brady has been playing for so long and has experienced so many big moments, you might not think that he doesn't have a favorite one, but as it turns out, he actually does and he revealed the answer during the latest episode of his "Let's Go!" podcast

For this week's show, co-host Jim Gray decided to round up a media panel to celebrate the fact that Brady has just thrown his 600th career touchdown pass. During the panel, Erin Andrews asked Brady what his favorite NFL moment was and surprisingly, the Buccaneers quarterback didn't hesitate: His favorite moment was beating the Seahawks 28-24 in Super Bowl XLIX. 

Brady then explained his reasoning for picking that particular moment. 

"In terms of football, if I'm thinking about football and one moment, I'm thinking about the Seattle Super Bowl," Brady said. "That's probably the one moment... the first three [Super Bowl wins] happened really quick and then I think I went 10 years and realized 'Holy shit, this is really hard.' And how lucky I was, naive and lucky, for the first three."

As Brady points out, he won three Super Bowls during his first four years as a starter (2001-04), which probably had him thinking that he was going to be winning them every year, but after their Super Bowl XXXIX win over the Eagles, Brady would go a decade before winning another one. 

"In [2007], loss. In [2011], loss. I thought, 'This is impossible," Brady said. "Then we won [against the Seahawks] on a miraculous play and since then, it was like a great appreciation every time it happened. There was no taking anything for granted and it was just, that was a really pivotal moment of football in my life. That was football, the ultimate joy."

The miraculous play that Brady's talking about was Malcolm Butler's infamous interception of Russell Wilson at the one-yard line. The play came on a second-and-goal from the Seahawks with just 20 seconds left to play. Seattle could have given the ball to Marshawn Lynch, but instead, they went with a pass. 

The interesting thing about Brady picking the Seahawks Super Bowl as his moment and then mentioning this specific play is that it's a play he wasn't even on the field for, which gives you an idea of how selfless Brady is on the field. The guy doesn't care about stats, he just wants to win. 

If you need proof of how appreciative Brady was to win Super Bowl XLIX, just look at what he did afterward. For winning MVP of the game, Brady was given a truck, but instead of keeping it, he gave it to Butler

Brady has won 236 career regular season games and 34 career postseason games, including seven Super Bowls, so when he's picking a favorite NFL moment, he has a lot to choose from, but for the legendary quarterback, the one he'll look back on the fondest is the Patriots' win over the Seahawks. 

Of course, if Brady ends up playing five more years and wins a Super Bowl at age 50, he might change his mind on this, but for now, his fourth Super Bowl win is his all-time favorite moment. 

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