Patriots fans should thank their lucky stars that Tom Brady decided to play football, because back in 1995, he had another option: Baseball.

Twenty-one years ago, Brady was selected by the Montreal Expos in the 18th round of the MLB Draft. Brady made the decision to keep playing football, which turned out to be a good idea, because his football career outlasted the Expos.

Although it's been over two decades since he was selected by the Expos, Brady hasn't forgotten about the time he was drafted to play baseball.

June 2 is the anniversary of when Brady was drafted, and he decided to mark the occasion by sharing a Photoshopped baseball card of himself on Facebook.

If that Brady rookie card was real, it'd probably be worth $4 billion, but it's not, so don't spent the rest of your night on eBay looking for it.

If Brady had made the decision to play baseball, MLB scout John Hughes thinks the Patriots quarterback would've succeeded at the pro level.

"I think he would have been a pro," Hughes told last year. "He had all the intangibles. He could throw, left-handed power."

Hughes isn't kidding, Brady actually bats left-handed.

Here's a look at the Patriots quarterback taking a few swings at Fenway Park back in April 2015.

Although Brady's swing doesn't look too rusty, the same can't be said for his ability to throw a baseball.

Probably a good thing he stuck with football, and not just because of that ugly throw: Expos catcher Tom Brady just doesn't have the same ring as Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

Either way, Hughes still believes that Brady has some serious baseball skills.

"There is no reason to think this guy couldn't have been a big league catcher," Hughes said.