The "Tush Push" is here to stay ... at least for the 2024 season. NFL executive vice president Troy Vincent has confirmed that the controversial play will remain a legal play this season, via ESPN. Vincent added that there will not be a proposal presented this offseason that would attempt to ban the play. 

While there isn't a strong push to ban it, the NFL will continue to monitor the play, according to CBS Sports lead NFL insider Jonathan Jones. 

The "Tush Push" has become the NFL's most scrutinized play over the past two seasons. The play rose to fame in 2022 after becoming an integral part of the Philadelphia Eagles offense. The play helped the Eagles reach the Super Bowl that season while aiding in Jalen Hurts' setting a new quarterback record by running for 15 regular-season touchdowns. He had an additional three touchdown runs during the Eagles' Super Bowl loss to the Kansas City Chiefs

The league's current stance on the "Tush Push" differs from reports this past December that commissioner Roger Goodell wanted it out of the game. It appears that is no longer the case. 

There are two reasons why the play has received push back. The play isn't safe as it often creates a pile, which increases the chances of injury. Many feel the play also gives the offense an unfair advantage as offensive players can push the quarterback forward. The Eagles had a 93.5% success rate running the play in 2022 and a 90% success rate in 2023, according to The Athletic

While it has its detractors, the "Tush Push" will remain in the NFL in 2024, and it's up to the league's 32 defensive coordinators to come up with a way to stop it.