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When Justin Jefferson takes the field in 2024, he's going to have a new quarterback throwing him passes for the first time in his NFL career. 

Jefferson is going to have to build chemistry with this new quarterback, which might help explain why he's slightly jealous of a certain quarterback-receiver tandem that definitely won't have to work on their chemistry next year. During a recent interview with Kevin Hart on Cold As Balls from LOL Network, Jefferson revealed that he's slightly jealous of the fact that two of his former LSU teammates -- Joe Burrow and Ja'Marr Chase -- get to play together in the NFL with the Cincinnati Bengals.

"I love them together, I love the chemistry that they have with each other, but it's definitely some jealousy on that side," Jefferson said. 

Jefferson, Chase and Burrow were all teammates on the 2019 LSU team that won the national title after going a perfect 15-0. Jefferson said that LSU's offense was basically unstoppable with all three of them together. 

"Me and Ja'Marr are always confident in ourselves to go out there and kill anybody that steps in front of us," Jefferson said. "Joe was tremendous, just his ability to move in the pocket, his ability to look down the field and make accurate throws, we knew once we stepped foot on that field, it was going to be crazy."

Although Jefferson is jealous of his former teammates, Hart didn't ask him if he might be interested in joining them in Cincinnati (Jefferson and Chase on the same NFL team would be a nightmare for opposing defenses, but also a nightmare for the salary cap coordinator who would have to make those two contracts work on the same team).

Not only are Jefferson and Chase still extremely close, but they actually still work out together at times during the offseason, including a meeting that happened just last week. 

Jefferson said he was competitive with Chase at LSU and that competition has carried over to the NFL. 

"We always want the best for each other, but also, we want to be better than one another, so it was always a competitive thing, but I loved it," Jefferson said. "I loved being at LSU with him. He's my brother, so it's something that's going to last forever."

With both players looking to land a new contract extension, they likely have had plenty to talk about with each other this offseason. Jefferson is going into the final year of his rookie deal and if the Vikings are smart, they'll get an extension done with their star before the start of the 2024 season. As for Chase, he still has two years left on his rookie deal, so he might not get a new contract until next offseason, but when it does eventually come, you can bet he'll do his best to make sure he tops whatever number Jefferson ends up getting.