There are few things more magical than a city's first championship in a given sport, and there are even fewer things more magical than the ensuing anarchy in the cities. However, one of those few things is the older fans that appreciate victory the most. 87-year-old Frank Markert has been waiting for an Eagles Super Bowl since at least 1980, and he had a 38-year-old bottle of Andre to prove it on Sunday night.

Let's be honest: Elderly fans do it better. Cubs' fans showed us that after their first World Series since 1908 in 2016. It's a great moment for Markert, and it's even better that no one in the room made the comment that it was presumably as flat as a pancake. After Markert took the first drink of the Andre, he only had one thing to say: "Good."

Everything tastes better when it tastes like victory, so maybe we shouldn't be surprised. Fans like Markert are the ones that these wins mean the most to, and it makes it extra special to see first-time Super Bowl winners bringing this kind of joy to their fans -- especially after spending a season as first-seeded underdogs.