Outside of the first few minutes of Sunday's NFC Championship, the Minnesota Vikings didn't do much to inspire confidence in what turned out to be a beatdown by the Philadelphia Eagles.

Neither did their signature celebration.

A week after Case Keenum warmed Midwestern hearts by joining in on Minnesota's "Skol" chants, Philadelphia took the celebration -- a play off an old term for a battle cry or salute -- and turned it on its head.

Vikings fans, of course, were the first ones to get cute in advance of the NFC title game, marching on the Philadelphia Museum of Art steps, better known as the "Rocky" steps, to unleash their call.

By night's end, however, the Eagles and their fans had made the chant their own.

Hordes of Philly faithful took it upon themselves to resurrect the "Skol" call at Lincoln Financial Field during Sunday's 38-7 rout of the Vikings. And plenty more joined in after the game, on the streets of Philadelphia, to chant "Foles" in place of "Skol" -- both a mockery of Minnesota and a celebration of quarterback Nick Foles' career performance against the Vikings defense.

The Eagles themselves didn't stay out of the playful jabs, either. They led them: