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One "butt punt" captured the attention of America on Sunday when Miami Dolphins punter Thomas Morstead kicked the ball into the rear end of his own teammate for a safety. As it turns out, that play took attention away from another hindquarters incident that occurred in the same window of games.

In the Minnesota Vikings' game against the Detroit Lions, star running back Dalvin Cook coughed up the football after running into the backside of guard Ezra Cleveland. Because of that gaffe, the Lions were able to jump on the football and take possession.

Fortunately for Cook, the Lions were forced to punt, so that "butt fumble" didn't cost the Vikings at all. In another bit of luck for Cook, the entire internet's focus wound up on the "butt punt" in Miami instead of that play.

Cook still had a strong day in a 28-24 win for the Vikings. Aside from the fumble, he totaled 96 yards and a score on 17 carries.

When Morstead's 'butt punt" went viral, the original creator of the "butt fumble," Mark Sanchez, weighed in with his reaction. "Woah... stay out of my lane bro," Sanchez tweeted.

There has been no word from Sanchez yet on Cook copying his most infamous play.