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The NFL won't be modifying the quarterback sneak in 2023, as owners decided not to put a vote on changing the rule. Per Football Morning in America, the league and the NFL's Competition Committee knew there were at least nine teams in favor for changing the rule that allows runners to be assisted from behind -- which the Philadelphia Eagles nearly executed to perfection in 2022.

Why wasn't the vote to alter the rule on the table at the owners meetings this week? Three quarters of the league's teams (24 of 32) would have had to vote to getting the rule changed for the modifications to be passed, which wasn't happening this offseason. 

The NFL Competition Committee wasn't unanimously in favor of changing the rule either, which is needed to put all 32 teams able to vote. 

Not changing the quarterback push sneak benefits the Eagles the most. Philadelphia converted 37 of its 41 quarterback sneak attempts into first downs or touchdowns, the most conversions and attempts in 2022. No other offense has picked up 20 first downs on quarterback sneaks in a single season across the last 15 years. 

As for the Eagles? They were 36-of-39 (92.3%) on the quarterback sneak with Jalen Hurts on the field.

There were an NFL record 308 quarterback sneaks called by the league's 32 teams last season, as teams averaged a first-down conversion on 83% of them, the highest mark since the state was first tracked by Pro Football Focus in 2006. In the 2016 season, the play was called fewer than 100 times. 

Perhaps the quarterback sneak alteration will be brought up next offseason, but the teams will certainly try to capitalize on the rules put in place for 2023.