Kyler Murray is reportedly declaring for the NFL Draft, and that development understandably set off a chain of events that, some 12 hours later, already has us discussing Murray not only going in Round 1, but possibly going first overall.

It started innocuously enough when then-Texas Tech coach Kliff Kingsbury said this back in October about Murray.

"Kyler, I mean, he's a freak, man," Kingsbury said at the time, via Eric Kelly of KLBK. "Kyler is a freak. I've followed him since he was a sophomore in high school. Just think the world of him and what he can do on a football field. I've never seen one better in high school and he's starting to show it now at the college level. I don't have enough good things to say about him. He's phenomenal.

"I've never seen him have a poor outing. Not one, which at quarterback is impossible to do but he's done it. I'd take him with the first pick of the draft if I could. I know he's signed up to play baseball but he is a dominant football player and I would take him with the first pick."

So yeah, funny story. The Arizona Cardinals hired Kingsbury this week and, as it turns out, the Cardinals have the first-overall pick.

We joked on Wednesday night during an appearance on CBS Sports HQ that Murray's impending announcement was horrible news for quarterback Josh Rosen, the Cardinals' first-round pick last April.

Again, to be clear, we were joking. Which brings us to ESPN's Adam Schefter, who wasn't joking when he talked Thursday about the possibility of the Cardinals drafting Murray first overall.

"The one thing about the NFL is that quarterbacks are currency," Schefter told ESPN's Mike Greenberg. "And i can tell you this: Last year, when the Cleveland Browns had the first and fourth-overall picks, at one point in time -- and I know people will be skeptical of this -- they considered taking quarterbacks at one AND four, and then auctioning off one of the quarterbacks that they liked less.

"So if you're the Arizona Cardinals and you like Kyler Murray that much -- also, imagine him going No. 1 overall -- but maybe there's a scenario where you get him and you auction off Josh Rosen. If that's what the new [coach] likes, if that's what he wants, why would you not acquiesce to that when you could get a king's ransom for Josh Rosen, who some teams really like. Again, we're getting things started here really early, and really putting things out there, but it's not implausible that that scenario could unfold."

That seems improbable, but a year ago no one was talking about Baker Mayfield as a first-round pick, let alone the first overall selection. He went nuts at the Senior Bowl and three months later, he was the first player to hear his name called in the 2018 NFL Draft. As it stands, Murray is the second-best quarterback in the 2019 draft class, behind only Ohio State's Dwayne Haskins.

And by the time it's all said and done, Murray not only could be the first quarterback taken, he could be the first player taken in this draft.