Last week, we told you about the NFL's plan to upload the broadcast version of three games per team to YouTube. Fans of each team were given a choice of five games to vote from on their team's Facebook page, with the three games that received the highest percentage of the vote being those uploaded for viewing pleasure. On Thursday, the NFL announced the winning games for each team. Per, the 96 games (from a pool of 160) that were chosen are listed below.

Bears: Super Bowl XX vs. Patriots (1985 Bears win the Super Bowl); 2006 Week 6 vs. Cardinals (Dennis Green press conference); 1985 Week 11 vs. Cowboys (44-0 win)

Bengals: 2015 Week 5 vs. Seahawks (4Q comeback win); 1981 AFC Championship Game vs. Chargers ("Freezer Bowl"); 2003 Week 11 vs. Chiefs (defeated 10-0 team)

The fans want to see last year's comeback against the Seahawks on YouTube. USATSI

Bills: 1992 AFC Wild Card Game vs. Oilers (Frank Reich comeback); 1990 AFC Championship Game vs. Raiders (51-3 win); 1992 Week 2 vs. 49ers (no punts!)

Broncos: Super Bowl XXXII vs. Packers (John Elway's first Super Bowl win); Super Bowl 50 vs. Panthers (you watched it in February); 1986 AFC Championship Game ("The Drive")

Browns: 1986 AFC Divisional Round vs. Jets (2 OT victory); 2014 Week 5 vs. Titans (largest comeback by a road team in NFL history); 1989 AFC Divisional Round vs. Bills (goal line stand to secure victory)

Buccaneers: Super Bowl XXXVII vs. Raiders (Gruden Bowl); 2002 NFC Championship Game vs. Eagles (game before the Gruden Bowl); 2000 Week 16 vs. Rams (MNF classic against Greatest Show on Turf)

Cardinals: 2015 NFC Divisional Round vs. Packers (Larry Fitzgerald's monster YAC after Aaron Rodgers Hail Mary); 2008 NFC Championship Game vs. Eagles (Cardinals go to the Super Bowl); 2009 NFC Wild Card Game vs. Packers (Kurt Warner vs. Aaron Rodgers)

Chargers: 1981 AFC Championship Game vs. Browns ("Kellen Winslow Game"); 2006 Week 15 vs. Broncos (LaDainian Tomlinson breaks single-season rushing TD record); 1994 AFC Championship Game vs. Steelers (Chargers win on the road to go to the Super Bowl)

Chiefs: 1994 Week 7 vs. Broncos (Joe Montana vs. John Elway); 2015 AFC Wild Card Game vs. Texans (Chiefs pitch a shutout); 1993 AFC Divisional Round vs. Oilers (Montana, Marcus Allen lead 4Q comeback win)

The Chiefs completely shut down the Texans in last year's playoffs. USATSI

Colts: 2006 AFC Championship Game vs. Patriots (Peyton Manning finally beats Bill Belichick); 2013 AFC Wild Card Game vs. Chiefs (Andrew Luck comeback win); Super Bowl XLI vs. Bears (Peyton Manning's first Super Bowl win)

Cowboys: Super Bowl XXVII vs. Bills (Jimmy Johnson's first Super Bowl win, 52-17); Super Bowl XII vs. Broncos (Cowboys' second Super Bowl win); Super Bowl VI vs. Dolphins (Cowboys' first Super Bowl win)

Dolphins: Super Bowl VII vs. Washington (clinched perfect season in 1972); 1985 Week 13 vs. Bears (ended Bears' unbeaten season); 1994 Week 13 vs. Jets ("Fake spike")

Eagles: 2010 week 15 vs. Giants (DeSean Jackson punt return); 2003 NFC Divisional Round vs. Packers (Fourth-and-26); 1980 NFC Championship Game vs. Cowboys (Eagles go to the Super Bowl)

Falcons: 1998 NFC Championship Game vs. Vikings (Gary Andersen missed FG, Falcons go to Super Bowl); 2012 NFC Divisional Round vs. Seahawks (Matt Ryan comeback in final 25 seconds); 2002 NFC Wild Card Game vs. Packers (Mike Vick beats Packers in Lambeau)

49ers: 1981 NFC Championship Game vs. Cowboys ("The Catch"); Super Bowl XXIII vs. Bengals (Montana to Taylor); 1998 NFC Wild Card vs. Packers (Terrell Owens game-winning TD)

Giants: Super Bowl XLII (David Tyree); 2007 NFC Championship Game vs. Packers (Tom Coughlin red-face game in freezing cold, Giants go to Super Bowl); Super Bowl XXV vs. Bills ("Wide Right")

Giants fans will get to relive Wide Right on YouTube. Getty Images

Jaguars: 1996 AFC Divisional Round vs. Broncos (Mark Brunell, Natrone Means lead road win); 2007 AFC Wild Card Game vs. Steelers (David Garrard leads road win); 2006 Week 14 vs. Colts (375 rushing yards)

Jets: 2010 AFC Divisional Round vs. Patriots (Rex Ryan upsets Bill Belichick); Super Bowl III vs. Colts (Joe Namath's guarantee); 2000 Week 8 vs. Dolphins ("Monday Night Miracle")

Lions: 2013 Week 8 vs. Cowboys (Calvin Johnson 329 receiving yards); 1997 Week 17 vs. Jets (Barry Sanders passes 2,000 rushing yards); 1991 NFC Divisional Round vs. Cowboys (38-6 win, 21-0 in second half)

Packers: Super Bowl XLV vs. Steelers (Aaron Rodgers' first Super Bowl win); 2003 Week 16 vs. Raiders (Brett Favre's game for his father); Super Bowl XXXI vs. Patriots (Favre's first Super Bowl win)

Panthers: 2013 Week 11 vs. Patriots (MNF comeback); 2003 NFC Divisional Round vs. Rams (Steve Smith TD to win in 2 OT); 2008 Week 13 vs. Packers (35-31 over Brett Favre in Lambeau)

Patriots: Super Bowl XLIX vs. Seahawks (Malcolm Butler INT); 2001 AFC Divisional Round vs. Raiders ("Tuck Rule Game"); Super Bowl XXXVI vs. Rams (Patriots' first Super Bowl win, over Greatest Show on Turf)

Malcolm Butler's Super Bowl play is etched into the memories of Pats fans forever. USATSI

Washington: 1982 NFC Championship Game vs. Cowboys (John Riggins runs for 140 yards, 2 TD); 2015 Week 7 vs. Buccaneers (Kirk Cousins: "You like that!"); Super Bowl XXII vs. Broncos (Doug Williams MVP)

Raiders: Super Bowl XVIII vs. Washington (Marcus Allen runs for 191 yards, 2 TD); 2002 AFC Championship Game vs. Titans (Raiders go to Gruden Bowl); Super Bowl XI vs. Vikings (Raiders' first Super Bowl win)

Rams: Super Bowl XXXIV vs. Titans (Kevin Dyson tackled at 1-yard line); 1985 Wild Card Game vs. Cowboys (Eric Dickerson 248 rushing yards); 2001 NFC Championship Game vs. Eagles (Greatest Show on Turf goes to Super Bowl)

Ravens: Super Bowl XLVII (Ray Lewis' final game); 2012 AFC Championship Game vs. Patriots (road win over Brady and Belichick); 2012 AFC Divisional Round vs. Broncos ("Mile High Miracle")

Saints: Super Bowl XLIV vs. Colts (Tracy Porter INT seals New Orleans Super Bowl win); 2009 NFC Championship Game vs. Vikings (Saints go to Super Bowl); 2006 Week 3 vs. Falcons (First game in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina)

Seahawks: Super Bowl XLVIII vs. Broncos (Seahawks' first Super Bowl win); 2013 NFC Championship Game vs. 49ers (Richard Sherman INT seals win); 2014 NFC Championship Game vs. Packers (Russell Wilson leads insane comeback)

The Seahawks demolished the Broncos in Super Bowl XLVIII. USATSI

Steelers: Super Bowl XLIII vs. Cardinals (Santonio Holmes catch); 2008 AFC Championship Game vs. Ravens (Steelers force five turnovers); 2005 AFC Divisional Round vs. Colts (Jerome Bettis fumble)

Texans: 2002 Week 1 vs. Cowboys (first game, win in franchise history); 2011 AFC Wild Card Game vs. Bengals (Texans' first playoff win); 2012 Week 11 vs. Jaguars (Matt Schaub throws for 527 yards)

Titans/Oilers: 1999 AFC Wild Card Game vs. Bills ("Music City Miracle"); 1999 AFC Championship Game vs. Jaguars (Titans go to Super Bowl); 2003 AFC Wild Card Game vs. Ravens (game-winning FG)

Vikings: 2012 Week 17 vs. Packers (Adrian Peterson gets to 2,000 rushing yards); 1998 Thanksgiving vs. Cowboys (Randy Moss 3 catches for 163 yards, 3 TD); 1987 Divisional Round vs. 49ers (Vikings upset best team in the NFL)