The Los Angeles Kings have had an utterly abysmal season, but Ron Burgundy knows a thing or two about coming back. Will Ferrell will be reprising his "Anchorman" role and appearing as the character in the booth for the Kings on Thursday as they take on the San Jose Sharks.

The Kings are last in the West with just 58 points after making it to the playoffs last season.

Snoop Dogg gave some of the best hockey commentary of the season when he joined the Kings' booth a few months ago, so this should be a fun experiment.

Although "Burgundy's" beat is normally local San Diego news, he should be able to adapt to Los Angeles just fine. Ferrell is a part owner of LAFC, so he's no stranger to L.A. sports.

Now we'll see how he does in the booth. It's a bit different from live news broadcasts, so how he adjusts will be something to keep an eye on.