You can make Conor Garland bleed his own blood but you can't keep him off the score sheet. 

The 22-year-old Arizona Coyotes winger scored twice in his team's 3-2 win over the Edmonton Oilers, but it wasn't as fun as it might sound. One of the goals that Garland scored was shot directly into the side of his face, and it just happened to ricochet into the back of the net. 

In what might be one of the toughest goals ever scored at the NHL level, the 5-foot-8 Garland was cross-checked in the back by a Oilers defender, then took a 68 MPH shot to his left temple. By the time the puck crossed the goal line, Garland was bleeding pretty badly all over the ice. 

Garland headed off for repairs and would need 10 stitches to close up the wound, but it didn't exactly stop the bleeding. The winger did an intermission interview with FOX Sports Arizona while still wearing a good amount of war paint on the side of his face.  

If the bloody interview isn't unsettling enough, just listen to the excitement in Garland's voice as he gets to watch his facial tally for the first time. That's a man who's legitimately excited to see the replay of a puck getting shot directly into his own face. Hockey players are a different breed, man. 

In any case, they all count the same regardless of how you score them, and Garland has been doing quite a bit of scoring lately. His pair on Saturday extended his scoring streak to four straight games and he has six goals over that span. For the sake of his health, he may want to score his stick a bit more though.