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Having Hollywood connections within their ownership group is already paying dividends for the Seattle Kraken. With some help from co-owner Jerry Bruckheimer, the Kraken were able to get legendary composer Hans Zimmer to score a soundtrack for the team.

Bruckheimer, one of the most famous movie producers in American history, threw out the idea of asking a "friend" to compose a score for the second-year Seattle hockey club during a summer meeting, according to Kraken chief marketing office Katie Townsend.

As it turned out, that friend was Zimmer, who has composed iconic scores for music like The Lion King, Dune, Gladiator, The Dark Knight, Interstellar, and so many others. Bruckheimer met with Zimmer in London and asked him to compose something for the Kraken. Zimmer agreed, and he got to work.

Zimmer said that he tried to imagine the Kraken in the context of a movie with the players getting ready to do battle on the ice.

"When Jerry says do something for the team, I have to go and make a movie in my head," Zimmer said.

In September, Zimmer sent the finished eight-minute track to Townsend, and she played it for the first time on her speakers at home. Instantly, she new Zimmer had made something special. After that, the Kraken staff go to work editing Zimmer's score for the experience in Climate Pledge Arena.

Thanks to Zimmer, the Kraken now offer one of the most unique musical experiences in the entire NHL. No other franchise can say a Grammy-winning composer created original music for its team.