LOOK: Alice Cooper poses with Coyotes goalie mask with his face on it

Rock legend Alice Cooper posed next to Mike Smith's retro mask. (@RealAliceCooper)
Rock legend Alice Cooper posed next to Mike Smith's retro mask. (@RealAliceCooper)

If you didn’t know, rock legend Alice Cooper is an Arizona Coyotes fan. If you don’t believe it, then all you have to know is that he owns a Starter brand Coyotes jersey. That’s old school right there -- or as old school as 15 years ago can be.

As part of a tribute to one of the team's more famous fans, Coyotes goalie Mike Smith has a tribute to the rock and roller on his special retro goalie mask for Thursday night's game. Cooper’s face, in his trademark makeup, adorns the backplate on Smith’s back.

Cooper is in attendance for Thursday night’s game during which the Coyotes will be wearing their Kachina style jerseys from the early years of the organization. So, naturally, he had to get a picture with the mask featuring his likeness.

Knowing that Cooper is keenly familiar with Arizona and its local hockey team, I wonder what the answer would be to "So, Alice, do you come to Glendale often?"

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