The Vegas Golden Knights made waves before Game 1 of their first franchise playoff series with an absolutely incredible pregame show, and Twitter took notice. Now, some Golden Knights fans kindly informed me last time around that this is a season-long thing in Vegas, and that it was a spectacle all year, but it's a surreal thing to see every time I see it.

Here are a few samples of what we got on Thursday night before the puck dropped on the Golden Knights' second-round series with the visiting San Jose Sharks.

That actor is the absolute man. He gets into it. And in turn, so do some of the fans.

Of course, like all (objectively) great things, it had its share of haters.

When it was all said and done, Lee Orchard, the Golden Knight himself, reached out on Twitter to let me know that he's having as much fun as the fans.

Hey, you can say whatever you want about the absurd spectacle, but it gets T-Mobile rocking, and it just oozes Vegas. The Golden Knights have done what everyone doubted and made Las Vegas care about something other than gambling. And even if their arena isn't shy on transplants, it's still predominately gold and black. 

After they swept the Kings, the team only got more hype, so there's no question that the place is absolutely rocking. With the Knights jumping out all over the Sharks, the atmosphere in there is completely insane. I attribute part of that to the guy in the knight costume.