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The most polarizing jerseys of every NHL season just dropped. The Carolina Hurricanes and Washington Capitals have released their uniforms for the 2023 Stadium Series game at Carter-Finley Stadium in Raleigh, N.C.

The Stadium Series provides the participating NHL teams with an opportunity to take an unorthodox approach to designing their jerseys. This season is no exception, but neither team went with something completely out of left field, like the Colorado Avalanche, Los Angeles Kings and Nashville Predators have done in the past.

The hometown Hurricanes kind of chose to combine a blackout version of their traditional logo with their new home uniform, which is all black and features the hurricane warning flags. While the old-school hurricane logo is on the chest, the flags are still featured prominently as they run down the side of the pant leg:

Some other details of the Hurricanes' uniform include a patch of the North Carolina state flag and large jersey numbers on the side of the helmet.

The visiting Capitals chose an approach that is somehow simpler yet more gaudy at the same time. Washington took its secondary logo, lovingly referred to as the "weagle" by the fans, and used it as the primary logo for this jersey. Not only that, but the "weagle" takes up most of the torso.

The navy and white stripes on the sleeves are an added touch, and the three stars down the pant leg work nicely. Like the Hurricanes' uniform, the Capitals also have large jersey numbers on one side, but Washington also has the current Caps logo on the other side.

Fans can watch these jerseys in action when the Hurricanes and Capitals faceoff from Carter-Finley Stadium on Feb. 18.