Kevan Miller took it to Joe Vitale in this fight. (USATSI)
Kevan Miller took it to Joe Vitale in this fight. (USATSI)

The Boston Bruins are known for being tough, but up until Saturday night, they had no fighting majors in the 2015-16 season. That streak ended emphatically in Saturday’s contest against the Arizona Coyotes.

Arizona forward Joe Vitale grabbed a hold of Bruins defenseman Kevan Miller. The two shared some unpleasant words and Vitale was first to drop the gloves. That may have been a decision he now regrets.

Here’s video of the season’s most vicious scrap to date with play-by-play commentary from excitable Bruins announcer Jack Edwards:

Jack sure loves the fisticuffs.

Once Miller broke free, he started throwing heavy, heavy rights at Vitale’s face. He landed aboug four or five truly massive blows. Vitale was holding on for dear life it looked like, so much so that he actually ended up ripping Miller’s jersey at the collar.

The fight ended up finishing Vitale’s evening early. He took some heavy licks and looked pretty banged up after all was said and done. Vitale left the penalty box and did not return to the game after the scrap. According to the team in the most obvious injury update ever, Vitale sustained an "upper-body injury."