Wayne Gretzky's Thousand Oaks mansion has been through a lot. Gretzky sold the 12,000 square foot mansion to former Mets' star Lenny Dykstra in 2007 for $18.5 million (or about $22.76 million when adjusted for inflation, per the Bureau of Labor Statistics), and since then Dykstra has been riddled with legal issues. He ultimately had the property foreclosed and allegedly destroyed it before he left.

Gretzky reportedly bought the 6.5 acre property back, per The Los Angeles Times, for $13.5 million. Upon its foreclosure, it was bought by an investment group for about $760,000 at auction in 2010. The property has been remodeled to some of its old grandeur. It has a foyer, a theater, a gym, an office and six bedrooms.

Outside, the place not only offers a view of the Santa Monica mountains, but it also has a pool/spa area, two guest homes, a rose garden and a tennis court. All of this to say, the place is completely insane, and it's a heck of a 10-year flip for Gretzky.

Gretzky may have gotten even more of a steal, as when the place hit the market in 2012 it was going for an asking price of just under $15 million. When that was reported, Pete Sampras and Brittney Spears were the neighbors, as though anyone needs a reminder of how exclusive this property is.

Good on The Great One. The 20-year NHL megastar that holds nearly every conceivable NHL record is also apparently a pretty savvy real estate guy. And this once again proves that one man's trashed mansion is another man's treasure.