Wayne Gretzky
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Hockey legend Wayne Gretzky's career goals record was once thought to be unbreakable but he knows that his days as the all-time leader in that category are numbered. Gretzky scored 894 career NHL goals and Washington Capitals star Alex Ovechkin is quickly skating towards that number.

Gretzky spoke about the possibility of Ovechkin passing his mark and said she doesn't think it's a question of if, but a question of when No. 8 breaks the number. 

Gretzky said (via The New York Times):

"It's not even a question that he will pass me, and I think it's great. He's well on his way to 40 or 50 goals this year, maybe more. There is no doubt that ultimately, he will break the record."

Ovechkin currently has 752 goals and the 36-year-old shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. He is fourth all-time behind Jaromir Jagr (766), Gordie Howe (801), and Gretzky (894)

This season Ovechkin has 22 goals in 31 games, which is second in the league. He is projected to score 58 goals this season.

There is no bad blood or harsh competition between the two greats, and Gretzky has said he thinks Ovechkin passing his notable stat would be great for the game of hockey.

Ovechkin also has nothing but respect for The Great One saying, "I'm his biggest fan."