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Two weeks of action of the 2023 BIG3 season are in the books, which means some trends have started to emerge. A couple of teams have started to distinguish themselves as potential contenders, while some squads have sputtered out of the gate. There's still a whole lot of ball left to play this summer, so things could change in a hurry, but here's a look at the first edition of this season's power rankings: 

1. Tri-State (2-0) 

Led by longtime NBA player Jason Richardson, Tri-State has gotten off to a great start to the season. Through the first two weeks of action, they've scored more total points (104) than any other team and also allowed fewer points (76) than any other team. They've won their first two contests by a combined 28 points, and have looked downright dominant in the process. 

2. Ghost Ballers (2-0)

Ghost Ballers are the only team other than Tri-State to pull out a win in each of the first two weeks of the current campaign. They scored 101 points and allowed only 90 over the first two weeks and looked like legitimate contenders in the process. It's still very early in the season though, so now their task will be to keep it up. 

3. Triplets (1-1)

Triplets have split their fist two games of the season, but they probably could be 2-0, as they appeared to take their foot off the gas a bit late in their Week 1 loss to Bivouac, which opened the door for a comeback. They have probably the best scorer in the league in Joe Johnson, and as a result they figure to be a factor throughout the season. 

4. Ball Hogs (1-1) 

After getting a win on opening weekend, Ball Hogs suffered a tough two-point loss (51-49) to Enemies in Week 2. If the ball bounced differently a couple of times, they could easily be 2-0. Their offense has been clicking early on, as only the two undefeated teams have scored more total points than Ball Hogs (99) so far. 

5. 3-Headed Monsters (1-1)

3-Headed Monsters have stood out defensively so far this season. They allowed just 89 points over the first two weeks, which is the second fewest league-wide behind only Tri-State. If they can continue to get after it defensively, they should be able to keep themselves in the mix all season. 

6. Trilogy (1-1)

The two-time defending champions started off the current campaign with an opening week win, but they were outclassed by Triplets during their second game. As a team, Trilogy obviously knows what it takes to make it all the way through the season and be the last squad standing, so they remain a major threat. 

7. Enemies (1-1)

After a tough loss to Trilogy in Week 1, Enemies were able to bounce back with a big win over a solid Ball Hogs squad in Week 2. Gilbert Arenas' team has a lot of talent, but can they play cohesively enough to get the job done consistently? Time will tell.   

8. Killers 3's (1-1) 

Killer 3's have had a decent start. They scored 94 points and allowed 95 over the first two weeks, and they're one of eight 1-1 teams as a result. They haven't done much to distinguish themselves as a potential contender yet, but they'll have ample opportunities to do so in the coming weeks. 

9. Bivouac (1-1)

Bivouac is 1-1, but they were largely outplayed in each of their first two contests, and had it not been for a late run against Triplets in Week 1, they'd very likely be 0-2. They've scored the third-fewest points of all teams so far this season, which shows that they need to pick things up on the offensive end moving forward. 

10. Power (1-1) 

Power was able to pull out a win over 3 Headed Monsters in Week 1, but they laid an absolute egg in Week 2 against Tri-State. They mustered just 32 total points in that game, which represents a season-low for any team. As a result, they've scored just 82 total points so far this season, which is tied for lowest in the league. Over the rest of the season, we'll find out of that Week 2 performance was a fluke, or an accurate representation of the team. 

11. 3's Company (0-2)

One of only two winless teams at this point, 3's Company is off to a slow start. Despite featuring five former NBA players, the team has sputtered out of the gate with consecutive losses to Tri-State and Killer 3's respectively. They mustered only 91 points over the first two weeks while allowing 101. That's simply not a recipe for success. 

12. Aliens (0-2)

Things have not gone well for Aliens to start the season. They allowed 101 points over the first two weeks, which is tied for the highest mark in the league, while also scoring a league-low 82 points. They're one of only two teams to score fewer than 90 points through the first two weeks. In other words, things haven't been working on either side of the floor for Aliens, and they need to get back on track quickly.