Hurricane Harvey has caused record-setting flooding and rainfall in Houston in addition to damages estimated in the tens of billions of dollars

Relief efforts are underway, and with this we are seeing inspiring stories of selflessness in a time of crisis. One of these comes from Houston coach Kelvin Sampson, who tweeted on Monday a challenge to basketball coaches around the country. If you want to help, send team gear -- shirts and shoes -- to Houston and we will distribute to those in need.

Sampson's idea caught fire. Jeff Conrad, the communications director for Houston's men's basketball, told CBS Sports on Monday night that hundreds of teams have contacted the program and vowed to send goods. And though the proposal was initially to basketball teams, teams of all kinds and from different levels -- high school to pro, everything from soccer to hockey to lacrosse and more -- have taken heed. 

"This is already national, and it could go global," Conrad said.

The program is expecting thousands of shirts and shoes, all of which will then be delivered, in the coming weeks, to those in need all around southeast Texas.    

"All sizes and numbers will be accepted and greatly appreciated," Houston said in a press release. "From there, Sampson and the Men's Basketball staff will work with officials from the Red Cross, Star of Hope and Greater Houston Community Fund/Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund to distribute to those in need."

What comes next will certainly be an incredible sight, because Houston has publicized its campus address for all shipments -- but the school is scheduled to be closed until next Tuesday. No mail is being shipped to the campus, and no one is there to retrieve it anyway. So, when parcels are able to be delivered, eventually, to the athletic department, Houston officials are anticipating a massive drop of cargo and hundreds, if not thousands, of packages to open.