LaVar Ball had been quiet for a while ... a little too quiet.

Apparently he was silently working on the launch of Big Baller Brand's second shoe, The "Melo Ball 1," which is the signature sneaker of LaVar's youngest son, LaMelo.

The "Melo Ball 1" is on sale for $395 on the Big Baller Brand website, slightly more affordable than Lonzo Ball's $495 "ZO2" sneakers.  

LaMelo is only a junior in high school, so questions were immediately raised about his NCAA eligibility (he's committed to UCLA). LaVar told ESPN's Jeff Goodman that he's not interested in the NCAA rules, and doesn't care if LaMelo is eventually deemed ineligible.

"We'll worry about it when we get there," LaVar Ball told ESPN. "Who cares? If he can't play, then he can't play. It doesn't mean he'll stop working out and getting better."

It appears that LaMelo could be in the clear, however, based on the way the rule is written because he has not yet enrolled in college.

NCAA spokesperson Emily James responded to the situation by saying that LaMelo shouldn't be in danger of losing eligibility as long as he isn't being paid.

This would explain why LiAngelo, the middle Ball brother who's already enrolled at UCLA, has yet to put out a signature shoe.

"Gelo will be next, but right now he's handcuffed by UCLA," LaVar Ball said. "He'd be ineligible if we put out a shoe with him. ... He won't be ineligible in April. That's when he'll have his own shoe."

We'll wait and see how the NCAA feels about LaMelo's signature shoe, but it doesn't look like LaVar cares whether his son is eligible or not.