There's nothing quite like a good old-fashioned ugly sweater night to get you in the holiday spirit.

And hoooo boy, Oakland coach Greg Kampe leads the way with this absolute gem he rocked on Tuesday. Check out this thing of beauty he wore with elegance. And yes, that is indeed a stuffed reindeer's head attached to the front. Even the hindquarters of the reindeer flop out of his back!

Is it bad that I'm semi-jealous? I mean, seriously. This thing would crush at any holiday party. Without question.

But you know what? Someone forgot to tell Kampe that the team he was playing Tuesday, Northeastern, had the same team colors as his beautiful sweater.

Rookie mistake!

Northeastern beat Oakland in Oakland 61-59, thanks to this epic fadeaway buzzer-beater.

At least Kampe has his reindeer to console him after the loss.