During Thursday night's UCLA game, one unfortunate Bruins cheerleader took a brutal fall during a performance at a timeout break. She fell all the way from the top of the pyramid flat on her butt.

When assistance arrived to carry her off the floor, the man slipped on what appeared to be a loose bag, causing the man to go tumbling face first and dropping her again.


Fortunately, the cheerleader was said to be OK, and she walked off the floor on her own power despite the awful sequence and sure embarrassment in front of the crowd.

But maybe the back-to-back falls, as painful as it was, wound up being worth it.

From the time she fell moving forward, UCLA couldn't be stopped on the basketball court. The Bruins, who trailed by as many as 19 points during their eventual win, went on a 30-11 rally from that point and eventually won the game 82-79.