No. 4 seed Arkansas struggled against No. 2 seed Duke in Saturday night's West Regional final, with the Razorbacks playing from behind for nearly the entire game. But at least one Arkansas star showed up to deliver a highlight-reel play ... and it wasn't a hooper.

After Razorbacks guard Stanley Umude fired a 3-pointer with 18:24 left in the second half and saw his ricochet settle atop the backboard, a heroic Arkansas cheerleader stepped onto the biggest stage to deliver a key save, keeping the game alive.

As noted on the TBS broadcast, it was the second assist from a cheerleader this March Madness after they recorded a grand total of zero (!) during the regular season. It comes just over a week after an Indiana cheerleader stepped in and made a similar in-game save.

Her efforts weren't for naught, either. Arkansas after her save immediately launched into a 13-8 run to tighten up the Elite Eight game.