A new NCAA rule was passed this offseason that limits a team to 20 staff members with headsets on during games has Alabama coach Nick Saban steaming.

Speaking at SEC spring meetings in Destin, Florida, Saban ripped off one of his all-time best quotes in discussing the new headset ruling.

Of all the memorable quotes he's had over the years -- including referring to Georgia Southern's rushing success in 2015 as "[expletive] through a tin horn" -- this might go down as his best work yet.

But what does it actually mean? It's an attempt to limit the impact of teams with massive off-the-field coaching staffs. By limiting the headset count to 20 between on-field coaches and coaches in the press box, Alabama won't have the ability to have all of its staff members on the same page at all times.

It's a direct shot at Alabama because Saban has been in the forefront of hiring wayward coaches as analysts and interns. Call it a "Saban PhD Program," of sorts. He hired former Tennessee head coach Butch Jones this offseason, former USC coach Steve Sarkisian after personal issues got him fired at USC, current defensive coordinator Tosh Lupoi in 2014, current offensive coordinator Mike Locksley in 2016 and former linebackers coach/current Auburn defensive coordinator Kevin Steele in 2013.

The attempt to level the playing field probably won't slow Saban down. He evolved in 2008 when a new "bump rule" was implemented after Saban and Urban Meyer "bumped" into prospects while not on official visits to their high schools in the spring. The same thing happened during multiple offseasons of "oversigning" debates.

Saban isn't bending the rules. He's just better at using them to his advantage than other coaches in FBS. Something tells me that he will find another way to be smarter than the rest of his peers, even if he's limited to only 20 headsets.