NCAA Football: Central Florida at Cincinnati

There's a feeling of warmth and familiarity you get when you're watching an intro to a Disney movie. You know, the one when the Disney music plays and the Cinderella Castle comes into view? That's the exact opposite feeling Cincinnati was trying to bring out of UCF fans on Friday night when it sent out an all-time tweet trolling the school after defeating the No. 18 Knights 27-24.

Nothing out of the ordinary here -- the words, the music, the castle all look normal. Then, at the end, it happens. Those five words that inspire magic even Disney can't produce: "You hate to see it."

When you compound this tweet with a previous Cincinnati tweet sent just after the game with the tag, "Sorry @UCF_Football... this tweet is real," it really is some A-plus level trolling. And the best part is that with the production level and timing, you know they had this queued up and ready to fire as soon as the game went final.

The Bearcats trailed for most of the first half, but they took the lead for good midway through the third quarter to hang on for the 27-24 win.