The Internet, for all its faults, can be a beautiful medium for sharing great #content. A prime example of this was the recreation of Michigan State's stunning win over Michigan in 2015 using only LEGO blocks.

As it turns out, @goldyeller, as he's known on Instagram, wasn't done using one of childhood's marquee toys to recreate the chaos that was college football's 2015 season.

Enter the LEGO re-enactment of BYU's thrilling Hail Mary over Nebraska -- the original jaw-dropping play of 2015:

College football season is almost here. Lego BYU vs Nebraska Hail Mary pass.

A video posted by Jared Jacobs (@goldyeller) on

Filming the ball's flight through the air is the most impressive part. Capturing scowls from stunned Nebraska fans and coaches is well done, too. And in case you needed it for reference, here's the original Hail Mary, thrown by Cougars quarterback Tanner Mangum, who entered the game in relief of the injured Taysom Hill: