Superstars including LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Crystal Dunn and Lindsey Vonn have all shared their love of the latest recovery trend: compression recovery boots. With the boots' ability to reduce paindecrease muscle fatigue and improve circulation, fitness enthusiasts everywhere have taken note and clicked "add to cart."

As Amazon's Prime Big Deal Days rolls out today and tomorrow, it's a great time to hop on board the new trend as retailers drop prices on a selection of MVP-worthy compression boots, including Therabody's athlete-loved RecoveryAir Prime boots.

$599 at Amazon

Many of these boots are even FSA/HSA approved so you can save twice -- once during Amazon's Prime Big Deal Days event and again by using your tax-advantaged FSA or HAS to buy them.

Prime members save $100 on LeBron's favorite recovery boots: Hyperice Normatec 3


In 2011, James wanted to up his recovery in hopes of increasing his game (even further). His longtime trainer Mike Mancias turned him on to dual leg compression recovery boots, in particular the Hyperice Normatec 3.

So taken with the gear, which the company made specifically for him, James noted an increase in performance and flexibility after use.

Hyperice Normatec 3 uses seven compression levels and the brand's patented Pulse technology to deliver precise treatment.  Normatec 3 is lightweight and features Bluetooth connectivity that unlocks more features. Easy to use, simply zip up each boot, power up and relax. 

Become a Prime member to get these MVP-approved compression recovery boots for just $699 (reduced from $799).

What we like about Hyperice Normatec 3:

  • Seven compression levels deliver customized pressure based on your needs.
  • Five overlapping zones can provide a full leg massage or targeted recovery.
  • Minimal setup is required so you can just zip up and turn them on.
$699 at Amazon

Save $100 on professional-grade compression boots: Therabody RecoveryAir Prime


The integrated internal pumps are controlled with a one-touch panel, making this dual-leg recovery system particularly helpful for athletes of all levels on the go. Therabody's Fast Flush technology inflates and deflates for a full cycle in just 60 seconds using four time intervals and four pressure settings. This creates a bespoke recovery regime, specific to each user.

An industry leader in sports recovery, Therabody's compression boots are brought to you by the same minds behind best-selling recovery products like Theragun. This set comes in three sizes. Originally $699, you can now get these premium compression boots for just $599 on Amazon.

Why we like the Therabody RecoveryAir Prime

  • The long battery life gives you multiple recovery massages out of a single charge.
  • Choose your own pressure settings or pick from four preset routines.
  • TruGrade technology provides a personalized massage optimized to improve circulation.
$599 at Amazon

Get premium compression boots for under $100: Renpho compression boots


These wrap-on leg massager are easy to take on and off and easy to adjust to the right fit for your legs. Once you've got them on, you can choose from six different massage modes, three different intensity levels and two heat settings to completely customize the massage to your needs. The portable boots come with their own carrying bag so you can take these to the office, the gym or even just pack them away easily when not in use.

Normally, these Renpho compression boots retail for $200 but Amazon has dropped the price to just $64 for Prime members during the retailer's Big Deal Days 2023 sale.

Why we like the Renpho compression boots:

  • Choose from six different massage modes and three intensity levels to tailor the massage to different recovery goals.
  • The Velcro wrap-on design is easy to put on and adjust the fit to your legs.
  • The optional heat settings offer even more pain relief and circulation benefits.
$64 at Amazon

Save $195 on the Quinear compression boots


Get a full foot and leg massage with your choice of eight compression intensity levels and three compression modes. An adjustable timer also lets you set the massage session up to 30 minutes. Once you've got your preferred settings in place, just turn it on and relax while the boots do their work.

The 4.6-star rated boots are on sale for Amazon Prime members at just $265 with the included Amazon coupon (reduced from $460).

Why we like the Quinear compression boots:

  • Four air chambers located in the foot, lower calf, upper calf and thigh each provide targeted muscle relief to those areas.
  • Choose from eight intensity levels to switch from a gentle circulation-boosting massage and deep tissue recovery massages.
$265 at Amazon

Get 22% off these smart Fit King compression boots


These 4.5-star rated compression boots come with smart sensor technology to provide targeted, dynamic pressure across your feet, calves, knees and thighs while adjusting to the difference in size along different parts of your legs.

The zipper design is easy to put on and take off while the digital control makes it easy to choose your settings and adjust the massage as you go. The boots come with eight levels of pressure intensity and three time settings to get massaged for as long as you need, without the risks of excessive, prolonged compression.

Get the advanced compression boots on Amazon for just $280 with Prime (reduced from $360).

Why we like the Fit King compression boots:

  • A wide range of intensity levels let you get a massage as gentle or as intense as you like.
  • With three different sizes of boots, you can get the right size for your legs.
  • The smart sensor technology optimizes the massage and prevents the risks of excessive compression.
$280 at Amazon

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What is Amazon Prime Big Deals Day?

Amazon Prime Big Deals Day is Amazon's early Black Friday sale in October. Some are calling the two-day event October Prime Day or Prime Day Part 2 because of the size and scope of the sale. In 2022, this October sale was called the Prime Early Access Sale.

When is Amazon Prime Big Deals Day 2023?

Amazon's Prime Big Deal Days will take place on October 10 and October 11, 2023. The sale starts at midnight Pacific time.

Do you need to be a Prime Member to shop Prime Big Deals Day deals?

While some of the best Amazon Prime Big Deals Day offers are Prime-exclusive or invite-only, there will also be tons of deals that are open to all shoppers. So even if you don't have an Amazon Prime membership, there will be deals available to you.

If you want to shop the best deals, though, you'll want to tap the button below and sign up for a 30-day free trial of Amazon Prime. Prime memberships costs $14.99 per month or $139 per year, and include access to Amazon Prime Video (Thursday Night Football) and a number of other great perks.

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What else is on sale during Prime Big Deals Day?

The second Prime Day event of 2023 will kick off the holiday shopping season with early deals on thousands of popular brands and essentials like massage gunstreadmillsrowing machinessmartwatchesgym headphonesbone conduction headphonesfree weights, home gym equipment, fitness apparel, shoes and more.

What other retailers are holding competing Big Deals Day or early Black Friday sales?

Amazon isn't the only retailer slashing prices this month. You can also find great deals on your favorite brands at other major retailers. Here are the top sale events we're watching in the coming week:

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